The Media Council of Kenya has the twin mandate of promoting high professional standards amongst journalists and promoting ethical standards among journalists and in the media.The media Council combines media monitoring and media research to provide wholesome reports on various key trends and patterns within the media industry on a monthly basis.The Council has the capacity to monitor 80 radio stations, 18 television stations and all print media in the country on a 24/7 basis. The Media Monitoring and Research Unit monitors and releases reports on various media outlets using the Code of Conduct for the Practice of Journalism as a benchmark to gauge the performance of the media.


The monitoring enables rapid responses by the MCK to cases of breach of the Code of Conduct, release policy briefs on urgent matters relating to the media and intervene where the welfare of media houses and individual journalists are at stake.


The reports released by the Unit also provide peer review materials for the MCK- organised stakeholder forums and professional collaborations initiatives.

In addition, the Unit informs the training department by providing feedback on the status of reporting and coverage of stories by various media outlets.

Digital Print Media Monitoring

 With assistance from GIZ the Council has procured a print module to monitor print media in Kenya.

  • System scans newspaper pages
  • Recognises text and imports the scans into the database for further processing
  • System shows highlighted keywords belonging to customer or topic profiles and offers a complex set of clipping tools.


The Media Portal offers a customer-individual presentation of all collected articles, fulltext search, meta data search, creation of individual press reviews and also acts as the internal archive of all articles.

 Electronic media monitoring module

The media council has an electronic media monitoring module-Volicon- which allows for TV and radio signals reception and recording. The recording is done 24/7 and can be easily retrieved and analysed for reports.

The portal is a n important component of electronic media analysis as it allows for comprehensive data filling and archiving for future retrieval. The portal also allows for mining of data in excel format in a way that enhances quick production of reports.

Studies completed and published

  • How Media covered the Digital Migration process
  • The Referendum coverage by Kenyan Media
  • Media Coverage of the extractive industry in Kenya
  • Ethics in Ethnic Media
  • Deconstructing Terror
  • Ethical and Professional Glimpse report
  • Media Monitoring Report on Coverage of Governance: Guarding the Guardians
  • Media Monitoring Report on Radio Talk Shows 19 May 2014
  • Coverage of Westgate Terrorist Attack Report
  • Media Coverage of Devolution Process in Kenya
  • Status of Media in Kenya Survey Report May 2012
  • The pre-Election coverage by Kenyan Media ahead of 2013 elections
  • Media coverage of devolution process(Devolution 11)
  • Safety and protection of Kenyan Journalists
  • The coverage of ICC status conference by Kenyan newspapers

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